Puck 39

July 19th, 2000, 8:51 pm

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ElectricGecko, July 19th, 2011, 8:52 pm

This strip is #39 in a series dating from my university days. Puck ran weekly for three full years in the Silhouette, McMaster University’s student newspaper.

It was around the time this strip was running that I met my wife. A mutual friend set us up. “You’d like her,” my friend said. “She’s got freckles, reddish hair, long legs and wears short skirts just like Puck.” I guess the friend knew my type.

Consequently, this was the first Puck strip that my wife ever saw. She heard that I did a comic for the Silhouette (she was a part-time MA student at McMaster at the time), so she checked out the paper to see what it was like. She admits that she didn’t get this one at all due to the fact that she wasn’t familiar with the characters.

In retrospect, she was glad that she saw THIS strip and not the one that immediately preceded it. That one might have made the, um, wrong first impression.

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Chunkboi, September 8th, 2012, 9:55 pm

The twit shot. 10cc of The Hunger Games generally provides protection against sparkly vampires.

ElectricGecko, September 8th, 2012, 10:32 pm

@Chunkboi: See, I'm always confused about the Hunger Games because it seems generally less twitty, but the same girls into sparkly vampires are also into the Hunger Games. Thus I'm tempted to package them together as teen shlock. Alas, in reality, there is no twit shot. And if there was, it sound like Barry White.

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