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October 14th, 2013, 8:27 pm

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ElectricGecko, October 14th, 2013, 8:27 pm

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A word on newborn babies:

Newborn babies are, in my opinion, rarely beautiful. They’re usually a funny color, wrinkly, slimy, and look more than a little like Yoda. They do have a certain undeniable cuteness (just as Yoda is, in his own way, cute), but few newborns are beautiful in the aesthetic sense. My wife says that this is a failure of the English language – that when people say a newborn is ‘beautiful,’ they really are saying that they’re awed by its newness and have no effective way of expressing that. Which sounds right to me.

But yeah. Newborn babies often look a little weird. Never, ever admit that to the mother, though. Ever.

A word on the name:

I originally thought about stringing you guys along further and not revealing the name until later, but then I realized that would just be mean. So it’s Miranda. And to be honest, I didn’t actually have the name fully picked out until about two weeks ago. There were a few potential choices kicking around in my head, some of them more fairy-like or extravagant than others. Crazy names like ‘Ariadne’ wer actually in the running, but they were just too much of a muchness for them to work properly. Then I hit upon ‘Miranda.’ It’s Shakespearean, which is cool. It’s also a moon of Uranus, just like Puck. (Phoebe, for those interested, is a tiny outer moon of Saturn. Daphne isn’t a moon, per se, but there’s a sizeable rock in the asteroid belt named Daphne, so that makes the cast truly solar system-tastic.) So yeah. Miranda.

A word on the gender:

It’s a girl. That is all.


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